N-Able setup and configurations

N-Able setup and configurations


Job Description

High Level:
We need a standard way to monitoring all different types of systems across all customers.

Build Templates for: VMware, Microsoft AD, Exchange, Linux(Ubuntu, Centos, Amazon-Linux, Redhat, etc), Desktop(Win7, XP), MacOS X, Firewall, Switches
Build Standard Escalation Notification Templates: Alerting & escalated Alerting – This should include SNMP, Event Log, SNMP Traps, Connectivity(Servers/Infrastructure only, not desktops), virus infection etc
Build Standard Dashboard: Servers-Linux, Servers-Windows, Desktops, Laptops, Service Dashboard, Network Dashboard, VoIP for Echo including SCN Monitoring via SNMP Traps from Avaya IP Office
Build & Maintain: Downtime Fields
Automation: Patch Management(if possible Adobe, Java, Flash, Browser etc as well not just windows), Automated EPS Scanning
Maintenance: Quarterly N-Central & N-Compass Maintenance – Backups, Reports for each Customer on a Quarterly Basis.
Backup Monitoring Templates: BackupExec, Windows Backups – Server and Desktop separate
Front Page: Modify it so it is cleaner. Remove all places where it says N-able, it should only show Infinix
Remote Control: Configure only RDP for all systems. Do not install RSM or VNC. For all Windows Systems the only (2) options should be DirectConnect & RDP. RDP being the default.

By default, all Desktops/laptops should be using Essentials license only. All servers by default get professional licenses.

Skills: management