Accent Neutralization Trainer from the Philippines


Job Description

5 years plus experience as a trainer required
Prefers applicants from Luzon
IMPORTANT: Please reply to the preliminary interview questions below.

To teach proper American English pronunciation

* Work schedule would be at 9:30 AM CDT
* Proven success record in training.
* Has call center experience
* Detailed oriented, good memory, smart, reliable, perfect attendance, punctual, patient, enthusiastic

*Must have excellent computer service provider (PLDT connection at best).
* Reliable computer.


a. Are you from the Philippines? Are you from Mindanao?

b. Have you done training in a call center setting? For how long?

c. What are your certifications?

d. How long is the training that you can provide to make sure the student gets a decent result?

e. Please paste here a link to a time zone converter. You would use that for your interview schedule.

f. Describe your work habits.

g. Please provide a voice recording sample in mp3

h. Please provide a skype.

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