Account Executive- Commission Based Sales


Job Description

Your professional development is important to us. At, you will be mentored and given opportunities to enhance your skills and learn new ones. Whether your life goal is to start your own company or travel the world, we want to help you on your way! It's not where you start, but where you are going! We are looking for people ready to jump in and contribute their own unique skills from the moment they sign on. Most importantly, we want to work with people who will actively seek to learn and grow with the company.

Account executives must posses keen sales, account management, and problem-solving qualities. A track record of success selling and excellent communication skills are absolutely essential.

Plan and schedule meetings and online demonstrations with restaurant decision makers
Cold call restaurants and identify decision makers
Negotiate offers with prospective accounts
Help the onboarding of new accounts
Represent umYum as a Sales Respresentative

Track record of consistently meeting or exceeding sales goals
Strong sales skills
Excellent verbal communication skills
Ability to use Excel,

Sales representatives will learn our business and use excel phone lists to cover an entire territory themselves. They will cold call restaurants via Skype, and set meetings with key decision makers (owners/managers). The meetings will be be via Skype and through Join.Me (a simply online presentation website.) you will talk to them and show them a demo of our website from your computer screen.

The process is simple: call, set an appointment, show a presentation and see if they would like to sign up.

In order to set an appointment with an owner of a reservation-based restaurant, you will need to talk to the GM, or owner of the restaurant. This may require finding out when is a better time to reach them if they aren't there and calling back. When you reach them you will quickly explain our service and ask if it's ok to come share the details with them in an online presentation. The position is commission-based at $25 per restaurant signed up/ in week, plus a bonus of $200 when you sign up 20 in a month. Large potential for strong salespeople! (we expect you to sign over 20/month) We provide Skype & Join.Me. I have lists for each city with phone numbers I will direct you which numbers to call first, second third etc.
Some appointments may be set the next day, some the next week. Sometimes a restaurant will request that you send an email to them with information. If so, I have a flier that I would like you to email to that email address. The lists will be on excel for you, the email will be given to you. This is ongoing and you may expand to cover additional cities. Workload is up to you- we can do full-time, or 30 hours/week. We need you to call at specific times of the day (9am-12pm)(2pm-6pm) Monday-Friday... lunch/dinner hours are bad time to call.

Skills: management