Account Manager

Account Manager


Job Description

Accounts Management required in Telecoms. Brief overview of tasks below...

- Accounts Receivable Management
Fast paced collections of overdue accounts - KPIs to be met
- Contract Cancellations Management
Talk with customers who have cancelled there contracts, apply and chase cancellation fees fast and with results
- Bank Payment Dispute Management
Prove validity of Bank Disputes by customers by providing evidence to the banks requests.
- High Level Complaints Management
Manage complaints and resolve fast and effectively
Report requirements to be overlooked by Management

10am - 6.30pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday.

This role is much more detailed under each of the headings, however the above is an overview. This role require a management star that can take charge of the role and run it on a path of growth and results. Must be professional and detailed in work and be able to provide timely reports.

The required person must have the following qualities

- Excellent English Speaking
- Great Phone Skills
- Collection Skills
- The best complaint handling management skills
- Attention to details
- Fast learner
- Highly self motivated and results orientated
- Get to work on time EVERY time
- Highly intelligent to take instructions and use own initiative.
- Fast and reliable internet connection and good PC
- Be able to use online systems
- Microsoft Office applications expert

Skills: management, english