Account Sales Manager

Account Sales Manager


Job Description

This is for a startup, Greentech/Finance Construction Firm. A high technical-capacity will be needed for long-sales cycles. Compensation/bonuses/Sales Commissions for closed-deals will be high with a recurring frequency. We focus on greentech infrastruture and rapid architecture. Alot of this will require validation of leads and farming within new markets. This person should be very ok with cold calling and will be able to leverage our technical and further business development resources once a lead is interested and qualified.

looking for people who are good communicators;
* are charismatic and can engage well with people;
* have an aggressive, positive, and resilient mindset;
* have the capacity to drive customers to articulate a set
of needs;
* can understand and articulate the benefits of a set of
offers / products

Job Description:

* develop basic understanding of customer base,
products, and outstanding offers;
* set up calls with customers
* conduct calls with CEO;
* document calls;
* fill out proposal matrix;
* create proposals and review with CEO
* review proposal with customer;
* prepare proposal quote;
* submit quote to customer

We can negotiate the monthly salary and bonus commissions. Focusing now on $500 based on commitments.