Account manager, support engineer for affiliate program

Account manager, support engineer for affiliate program


Job Description

Account-manager and support manager for affiliate program position.

Affiliate program requires an account manager and support manager in one person.

Your tasks:
1) Take care of customer affairs, respond to their questions and so on.
2) Maintain affiliates' interest to affiliate program
3) Perform small service tasks (domain registration, etc.) .

Communication channels: Skype, ICQ, Jabber, email, phone (via skype)

1) Understanding the affiliate programs guts.
2) Similar position in background.
3) Fluent written and spoken English without Google translate.
4) Fluent written and spoken Russian without Google translate.
5) Technical skills: Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, JS.

Schedule :
1) Work schedule is 8:00-16:00 GMT.
2) 3 hours a day at full load.
3) rest of time : be online from cell/whatever allow you to be online and respond to customer's questions.

Skills: english