Accurate Typist to Create Land Title Search Summaries


Job Description

We are a company of Title Abstractors in need of a typist to create a summary form of what we find in our searches. The job is not difficult but can be tedious.

Some training is required and will be compensated for upon demonstration of competency and the ability to produce what is needed.

Some of the summaries are long, some are very short, and some require mostly copying and pasting (accurately) from the summary done prior. Attention to small detail is a must.

We would like to pay a set fee per summary so some will seem lengthy but will be made up for by those that take much less work.

No form should ever take more than 2 hours. Most would take about an hour and some will take less than 1/2 hour or even less. Included in this time is some data gathering that would be required.

We would like to pay $3.00/Form. We need approximately 22 forms typed per week. Right now we are backlogged and need a bit more but on average, it will be 22 per week.

We have a project (that has already begun) where we need 140 forms typed out. The deadline for these to be completed is Dec 18th, 2012

Skills: typing, english, computer-literacy, data-collection