Add a new features to app - sharing screenshot

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description


Basically i have an app that goes to the net, and brings different quotes randomly and they are shared by facebook, email, twitter.

1. now what i want is one sharing button that:

-when pressed it takes a screenshot of the app.
-then it asks where to share it (facebook, twitter, instagram, mail)

so basically you need to make sure, how an app can take screenshot automatically and then share it as it was an image!

2. the buttons must be for each device (iphone retina, ipad, ipad retina)

3. there is a header bar that rotates, while rotating app. but it does not scale the image. you must scale it or use another for rotating.

4. the favorite button ...stopped working.just check what did not work any more.

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