Add different voice manipulations to existing Android app

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Job Description

I have an Android app that allows calling through VOIP. It is finished, however, it is supposed to manipulate the user's voice into a range of different voices. The coder has only been able to manipulate the pitch. I need a coder who is able to manipulator a user's voice by more than just pitch, so that the voice can become the following:

Man -
Woman -
Chipmunk - (tells how to make it on Audacity)
Alien - (shows how to make it on Audacity. The example voice starts from 49 seconds)
Helium - (how his voice sounds after he breathes in from the balloon)
Yoda - (the voice of the small funny creature)
Darth Vader - (ONLY BETWEEN 1:19 AND 1:27)
Zombie -
Scary -
Old Man -

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