Adobe Illustrator Expert - recreate graphic

Adobe Illustrator Expert - recreate graphic


Job Description

I have a some-what large PSD of a logo design. I need an expert Adobe Illustrator user who can re-create the logo. It is very simple.

It is as simple as:

except it is 2 words "10 character total" and each word is in a different color.

I need you to create the illustrator file from scratch so it is 100% vector. I don't want you to import the adobe psd and save it thinking it is now a vector. Any expert knows that if you do this, it will still export as a raster instead of a vector. Vectors can scale and maintain their quality densitiy where as rasters cant. I am an expert web designer who is too busy to do this myself. If you give me crappy work don't expect to be paid.

Again, very simple design that can be done in about 30min time!

$5 fixed firm.


Skills: import, design