Adobe eLearning Suite Expert for High-End, Robust Instructional Program


Job Description

Please take a look at's "Try it Free" demo. This is the caliber of project I need done.

1. Need expert in Adobe eLearning Suite softwares (including Flash animation). You must have your own softwares and resources for this project.
2. Prefer experienced instructional or training developer.
3. Will provide you with the basic content; your job is to develop a fully self-encapsulated high-end, robust and engaging program.
4. Program consists of four subjects (each subject has five modules -- each module has four to five lessons).
5. Program to include full audio (including voice-overs, music, sound effects), visual (including header, background, actions, effects, transitions, images, animation, etc...), links, videos, resources, tools (including automatically scored quiz tool, chat room, discussion board/blog, email, progress bar, audio tool, features (i.e. audio, view magnifier, possibly others),
6. Program to include mobile and tablet view versions.
7. Program to be also available in various up to high resolution/high definition.
8. Program to be loaded and fully functional on our designated website.
9. Program to be available in DVD format (HD).
10. Program deadline to be 45 days from contract.
11. Must work closely on project; prefer a contractor who is not currently working on other major projects and can give this project full attention.
12. Fixed rate contract to be paid as milestones are completed and delivered.

Skills: training

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