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We are a team of young people that supports people in the film and entertainment community to help them to grow. We are looking for someone who can build an app for our community.

Our team mainly consists of volunteers and we don´t have a big budget, so if you look to make alot of money, then you probably find some better ways out there but if you like to be part of our community and interested in film and media, then you are welcome to support us.

We are looking for someone that can create an app that imports and creates contacts and let people put tags to it which can be filtered and forwarded later on and also connect to social media platforms. The most challenging part is probably the queries and filtering stuff. We can help on the graphic design.

Please have some patience with us and only take this job offer if you are willing to work with us in the creation process and make some adaptions to it. We are not experts and need a patient programmer that help us to develop that, so that it is functional and usable for our community.

Thanks alot,

Robert, Grace and the rest of the team

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