Adult Buss. Pro Web Designer/ Assistant

Adult Buss. Pro Web Designer/ Assistant


Job Description

This is a long term position which will require interviewing through Skype, either by chat or video call. More than likely chat. I will want to see past experiences. I need to know that you can step into someone else's code as well and work with it.

I also need to be assured you can design newsletters to go out biweekly. I would simply come in and put in the content, or turn it in to you to place in the designed newsletter.

Are you marketing savvy as well? Can you develop a newsletter list of clients to gain sales? These are pluses. Can you gain backlinks, and are you familiar with page ranking. Just more pluses if you can.

I have numerous websites in the making that need created, or they need editing and adjustments. Those already developed would need assistance off and on, so make sure you are familiar with PHP, SQL, and other coding programs.

Last note here. I've been trying to get on the front page of yahoo genieo for awhile now. If you have the capabilities to possible rank for this for a web based business then you are who I'm looking for. I need proof that you've done this before though.

So, this job is not only web design, but it is an assistant position too. Read this thoroughly before you jump in and apply. Start your application with the words, "I am trustworthy."

Skills: video, design, newsletters, marketing, yahoo

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