Advanced Web Devlopers & Designers!

Advanced Web Devlopers & Designers!


Job Description

Welcome to all ADVANCED web developers! We are looking to build a staffing agency locally. We will need the following made for us on a site.

NO MANAGERS APPLY! if you are contacted.. you will be asked to start right away! DO not ask for money up front as you will NOT GET IT PERIOD!

We will need a proper and full reg form in place, TOS, security captcha for the applicants, and also the employers( must all fields) that post up jobs at the company.

Company- reg for is,(searches first) User Name, Country, Province/State, City, Address, Postal/Zip Code Canada is a 2- 3 character boxes), (usa has a 5-9 character box) Company Name, Contact Name, Email, address, Confirm email address, Password, Confirm password, Phone Number, Fax, Cell Phone: Selection of what kind of company it is. They chose this from a drop down menu. They then click off the TOS, when they do this and fill in ALLLL fields the hidden security captcha appears. So that means each field has to be filled in respectfully. and if it not filled in, then it states it in a small pop box to the right and each field has a STAR ** stating this..

Applicant is the fields of Use Name--searches first, then Country, State/Province, City, Address postal/zip Code. First name, Last name, they can pick to what they want to be contacted by.. Home Phone: 000-000-0000Work Phone000-000-0000 the box are as this 000-000-0000, Cell Phone000-000-0000, or email only. They will need to be at least 16 years of age to be on the site, so a small disclaimer. Then also the Tos link, If they click this, as the same as the employers a small window appears, and when they check of the tos box the security captcha appears.

Email will be sent out accordingly in who they are employer or the applicant.
Required database for country of Canada, with provinces, and all major cities in each province
Required database for united states for the states and their major cities.

The main page of this area there is a main directory on the left that shows all the fields of the careers that are to be posted by employers. However people do not need to register or sign in unless they want to submit a resume They can upload it every time if they chose to. If they do not want to upload each time etc, they then sign in. as for the design I will work with the developer to make tehre is so many there is also google ads to be placed in as well and roating ad banners. There is also an area of where the locations tab at the top, home, and related links.

The system will send out REGISTERED user emails of the new jobs, in the fields they chose to get emails from or the companies that they chose from that are registered on the site.
Data base so people columns to show location, Date Posted, Field/Title, Type, Full time, part time, contract, seasonal, casual,

Must have a search option to search in province or state, city, field/title, type of each posting of the employment offered.

when a visitor goes to search for a job on the site, and they get to the city they live in the site willl then ask them if they want to save this a current selection for a default. each time they pull up the site, it will go directly to that page then. They still can go and search other cities or whatever..

Company profile page will have a small description of the company or just an option of the company link and it shows the company logo that is all.

The applicant profile page can show a full resume if they chose or they can ask the employers to send a request to them.

I want at the bottom of the site the links, of Legal, Terms Of Service, Support, Contact Us, Refer a Friend.

I want on the site the links for Facebook, Twitter, Linkin, Google+

This is not limited to his. This job can be considered a long term if the right person(s) are found for the job..

The people must be fast and dedicated.. fast efficient. think a head, of what it can be and possibly as well. You have to be a self started, we will NOT do or think this for you. If you DO NOT understand this. do not waste our time and bid.

AS we stated if you are FAST efficient like to work, then message us and or bid. we already know how long it will be to make this.

developers with 5 years or more should apply and if you can't work some weekend or take time off to go to festivals etc DO NOT APPLY..

Skills: captcha, facebook, twitter, design