Affiliate Marketing Manager

Affiliate Marketing Manager


Job Description - We sell EDIBLE green tea leaves. It contains 10,000% more antioxidants than brewed tea. Our premium product is a unique concept that requires consumer education. It is a product well suited to the Affiliate marketing world. We have signed up with affiliate program. While we have received numerous affiliate signups, none of them have been effective so far.

We are looking for an experienced affiliate marketing manager who have extensive experience with Affiliate Marketing Campaigns. I want you to plan and implement an effective affiliate marketing strategy from the ground up. This includes but is not limited to:

1. Develop and implement an effective affiliate marketing strategy for us. This includes recommending the right networks to sign up for, AND signing us up for them.
2. Suggesting the appropriate collateral to provide the affiliate marketers.
3. If its in your capabilities to actually create the collateral too that would be helpful.
4. Constructing PERSONAL messages to attract good affiliate candidates (absolutely NO SPAM - each message must be tailored to the individual site owner).

To be considered for this job you must provide the following:

1. 3 references I can speak with. These must be people that you've done AFFILIATE marketing jobs for.
2. Hourly estimate.
3. And how long it will take to get things started and running for us to start seeing results.

We are looking for someone who can build a long term relationship with us. If you think you got what it takes, please include the word YERBA on top of your application or else, your application will be ignored. Thank you for taking the time to bid. I look forward to hearing from you.