Affiliate links

Affiliate links


Job Description

Hi want to create affiliate links for my products.
I have products that I sell online and I have sales people to sell that product.

I want to have affiliate links to give to each salespeople in order to track the sales that each salespeople do.

I'm only interested in a very simple method, easy to do to create those affiliate links.

At the moment for this project I have a simple structure with mainly 1 important product and 2 extra ones, so I want something very simple.

Something like; give the sales people the affiliate link then I have to be able to track the data of how many sells they did and which products was that they sold, (being able to have a list of sales that they did), then from here must allow me to use that data to use on an Excel sheet.

I will need from you a file with the instructions of how to do it by myself, if necessary.

I need this done in 1 day.

Tell me about your ideas.

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