After Hours Phone/Email Support Specialist Needed


Job Description

In this position the support specialist will assist callers of whom have not had their tutor show up for the session. Your job will be to research what happened and relay the information the student/parent.

The support specialist will also answer emails pertaining to the same issue.

Since our main goal is always to provide quality service, this rarley happens where a tutor does not show up without notice, pay is based on each phone call and email handled.

Email pay is $5/message.

Phone pay is $9/call handled.

If you no emails or phone calls come in after hours and you worked 5 hours, you will not be compensated for that time.

After hours will be anywhere from 11:00 pm MST to 9:00 am MST.


High school diploma or GED
■18 years of age or older
■At least 6 months of customer service experience

Skills: research