Algae web site

Algae web site


Job Description

We are looking for ideas for a web site design relating to the subject of "Algae" and its many diverse international uses. Target audience will be Investors, universities, students, engineers, project managers, entrepreneurs, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, transportation bio-fuels, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, bio-fuel, algae stock market , feedstock, consultants, patent processes, investment opportunities.

"Who doing what? " And " How are they doing it" in the world of algae. The all to source for information on whose growing it,? what are they growing it for? Who are they selling it to?

The web site will be technical/educational/commercial biofuel industry oriented.

We are looking for a site design that is professional in layout and appearance. No coding is required at this time. Just design...

Images encouraged to use:

1. laboratory, beakers, biofuel equipment
2. Algae
3. algae manufacturing equipment
4. University or higher education