Algorithm Engineer for a Full Time, Long Term Opportunity

Algorithm Engineer for a Full Time, Long Term Opportunity


Job Description

Global Hires is looking for an Algorithm Engineer to be part of its growing team! The Algorithm Engineer is a key resource in forging the long term foundation of our product and services. This role will be responsible for defining requirements, data modeling, algorithm formulation, prototyping/validating algorithms, and implementation/test of the proposed data models for our fast growing online social discovery platform.

This is a unique, long term opportunity to grow your experience in information retrieval and machine learning in an independent and engaged environment.


- Design and implement scalable search, recommendation and filtering algorithms.
- Implement data mining algorithms, specifically classification, clustering and recommendation (collaborative filtering and content-based filtering) algorithms.
- Create algorithms that work with large scale data to forecast and produce optimal ROI for online social discovery.
- Engineer elegant code with solid documentation.
- Carry out ongoing research activities and suggest new innovative methods to improve performance.
- Assist engineering and QA in deployment, and monitor solutions in production looking for further opportunities for improvement.
- Work effectively with both product managers and engineers to explore alternate approaches and techniques to maximizing performance and accuracy.
- Focus on Profit.


- Proficiency for designing and developing complex algorithms, mathematical constructs and code.
- Expert programming skills in multiple languages. Strong expertise in Java is a must.
- Successful record of independently developed complex machine learning based systems, using multiple machine learning frameworks and techniques.
- Strong understanding of statistical modeling, machine learning (classification, clustering) and recommender systems with demonstrable experience using statistical and machine learning tools, such as R, Apache Mahout and Weka (alternatively KNIME/Orange/RapidMiner).
- Strong knowledge of Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL)
- Working experience with very large datasets, relational databases (MySQL preferred) and Unix/Linux.
- Strong computational thinking abilities and fast learning skills.
- Obsession with modern web development tools, frameworks and approaches.
- Ability to effectively work with technologists and product managers.
- Demonstrable previous experience as algorithm / machine learning engineer or similar role.


- MS/PhD (or PhD candidate) in Computer science, Statistics or related fields
- Experience with information retrieval, specifically designing and implementing search engines.
- Experience with Apache Solr/ElasticSearch is a big plus.
- Understanding of Hadoop, Hive and Map/Reduce programming is a plus.

To qualify, you must first successfully complete the required tests and interviews with us. If we find you to be a good fit for the position you will receive an official offer from us at a competitive rate (depending on experience and test scores).

A web camera is required for each testing phase. It is mandatory to log-in to the oDesk Team application and turn the camera snapshot "on" for proctoring purposes.