Amazing Virtual Assistant (VA) Needed

Amazing Virtual Assistant (VA) Needed


Job Description

We need a virtual assistant with a PROVEN history of helping business owners get business critical tasks done.
1) You will be assisting with basic research (e.g., researching the best places to find business leads)
2) You will be doing administrative tasks (e.g., email communication on behalf of the business owner, project coordination and scheduling)
3) You will be doing project management and coordination (tracking the status of projects and individual team member status updates)
4) The job will start out on an as-needed basis, but as the business grows and we grow together, more hours will be available. I eventually hope to grow this into a part- or full-time position if possible.
5) Eventually, there's a good chance I may ask you to help me hire others to add to our team.
1) PROVEN history for helping business owners get business critical tasks done.
2) Good at doing basic research and compiling that information into something usable (e.g., Excel list, Word document, white paper, etc.)
3) Quick learner and able to adapt to new technology channels (e.g., can use Twitter, Gmail, and/or willing to learn as needed)
4) Problem solver. Organizational skills are good to have.
5) Proactive in giving status and very fast to respond
6) Your hours must overlap with 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri GMT-8 time (ie, USA Pacific time. For details check out
7) Must be available on skype during those hours
8) Optional: Knowledge of Wordpress is nice to have but optional
9) A video interview over Skype is required, so you must have a reliable Internet connection

1) We hire for LONG TERM.
2) Great team with friendly people.
3) We help you succeed at your task.
1. Give short explanation on why you think we should hire you instead of anyone else?
2. Please also include an answer for this pre-interview question: If you had to translate an article from your native language into another language you didn't know in 1 hour or less, how would you go about getting this result? Why would you do it this way?
3. All applications must include the keyword "purple people eater"
4. Lower bids give you an advantage. Please Bid appropriately. You bid rate may get you rejected. The lower the bid the better.

I usually look for a $1-$3/hourly rate. Priority is given to bids $2 (cost to me) or under.