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We are currently working with a school who teaches children with special needs. To get more info on what is the problem with these students, please visit these links.

The app need to be targeted towards kids who are between 4 - 8, but not normal 4 - 8 year olds, but who have special needs and problems in communication.

We have been given the privilege to build apps for these children and the app that we need to build needs to teach these kids how to have social skills so the main goals of the app is to
- teach these children to share their belongings with others
- teach these children to request for something that they need
- teach them to identify the feelings of other children

Some reference apps I can give you are these

I have an idea in mind for an app but I need someone who is creative, innovate, and has great ideas. Please do some research before you apply and hence I gave you a lot of background info because the one who can give me great ideas regarding a good app to help these children, will be the one who gets this job.

I need someone who is

- really creative, smart, has good ideas for concepts, games, apps and is not afraid to give me his/her opinion. I want someone bold and who thinks outside the box
- I want you to have a great eye for design and graphics and understand that kids will be using this app so someone who is really good at designing good games and apps
- I want someone who is a strong programmer of android devices and who knows how to program for tablets
- This app will be scaled so parents receive their childs progress so it will need to connect to a restful api and will need to store results in a database so you need to be familiar with php, mysql and webservices
- I want to see a portfolio of your 5 best work, not 10-20 links, I dont have time, I will disregard it if you dont show me your best 5 and show me a lot more. If you do not have 5 its fine, just show me your best
- Please keep your applications brief and short, I get many template applications and anything long, i will reject as I am a very busy man and I do not have time to go through essays, keep it short, sweet and to the point. I will not get impressed by your template application but by your ability to summarize your skills and sell your services
- You need to be strict on deadlines as I will give you only 3 weeks to finish his project

I will need you to develop for these specs

1)      Tablet WXGA Resolution (1280x800)
a.       Galaxy Tab 10.1
b.      Galaxy Note 10.1
c.       Galaxy Tab 7.7
d.      Galaxy Note 1

2)      Tablet WSVGA Resolution (1024x600)
a.       Galaxy Tab2 7.0
b.      Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Finally let me reiterate, I want someone creative, great ideas, not afraid to challenge me and tell me what is right, does their homework and some research and gives me a good short to the point job application with their best work.

Thank You, looking forward to the applicants.

Skills: research, games, design, graphics, android-development, android-sdk, web-services

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