Android Gaming App + Server Side

Android Gaming App + Server Side


Job Description


We need to create an app for a Samsung galaxy tablet, resolutions below

1)      Tablet WXGA Resolution (1280x800)
a.       Galaxy Tab 10.1
b.      Galaxy Note 10.1
c.       Galaxy Tab 7.7
d.      Galaxy Note 1

2)      Tablet WSVGA Resolution (1024x600)
a.       Galaxy Tab2 7.0
b.      Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

This app will be targeted towards kids and the ultimate aim will be to teach these kids
- to share their belongings
- identify other kids feelings
- teamwork
- being resourceful
- enhancing their motor skills
- requesting for things that they need

One important thing to note is that these kids have special needs, some are autistic and some have other disabilities, so you will need to build a simple, easy to use interface. There should be no typing for the kids, there can be if the teachers or parents have to input some data. For example, fixing a car where parts have to be plugged into another which gives a time limit to each user to place as many parts as they can on the car. See the game here for the car

The features of the game will be
- timed use of something. The kid will be allowed to play a game or use something in the app for a certain amount of time before it goes to someone else. This can be played either with the computer or with another kid using the game.
- the shapes game. See an example here.
This game can be played either with the computer, or between 2 - 4 kids. The idea behind this is that each user in the game has to put shapes through the holes but each user only has a few shapes in excess. They will need to request, borrow shapes from other players in order to complete this.

- the coloring game / team work game - this game is almost. similar to the above. This game can be played either with the computer, or between 2 - 4 kids. We would have a few predefined images like of animals, buildings, cars etc all of which would be filled with small circles. Tapping on a circle inside the image would fill it with a color. Now here comes the challenge. Depending on the number of players, the image would be divided into those many parts therefore the child does not know the entire image they are coloring. Also, there would be a prompt on each circle as to which color it has to be filled with. Kids would only have a few colors and would need to request, borrow and share their colors so all of them can complete the image and they get to see the whole image.

The computer level will be easy as it would always lend its belongings but when playing with other children, it will be a bite more difficult. We should even be able to make the computer level harder.

There should be nice background music and amazing graphics and user interface. It should be easy to play. The interface should be really well planned so that the users can see in big what they are doing but also they should be able to see what the other kids/computer is doing and the resources they have (colors, shapes)

There should be easy requests such as request for a resource, give/share a resource and also any time something is not shared, the app should be able to show through the use of avatars, how the other user becomes sad and when shared, the user becomes happy.

Teachers/parents should be able to create users (kids) and before starting each game they will have to select which child is playing the game from the list. This way we can track history and progress.

Points should be given everytime the child shares and so we need to keep a history of points, games played, difficulty levels, request/share ratio. On each student's profile the teacher should be able to mail this across to the parents, emails can be set when creating a child's profile.

We need to create a simple backend and web service for this so all the data and history can be stored on the database. We prefer a PHP, MYSQL type architecture with a Restful web service serializing through JSON.

I may have more info but this is what I have now.

The candidate I need should be
- An Ace in creating android games for tablets
- You should have good design skills as we need to be able to grabs the childs attention. The UI must be really professional, please look some links to get an idea
- You need to have good communication skills
- You need to respect the deadline, I need to have the app ready by May 1st
- I need you to be creative. This app is very sensitive and if you have any ideas, feedback, I will appreciate you more
- Currently, I do not have a big budget, please see my work history though, if you do a good job, I have lots of work.

Skills: gaming, typing, graphics, games, design

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