Android Publish Advertisement via POST

Android Publish Advertisement via POST


Job Description

The native Android app is about clasified ads. You can search or filter to find ads, you can contact vendor, see what ads are near you in a map, and publish a clasified ad.

We have to complete the publish feature. to make this in a screen you have to select an item in a select list (you can get this values from a web service), then based on that selection it will appear a form - to create the form structure based on the previous selection it will take fields to complete from another web service.

We have to complete this task ASAP, we'll consider developers who can complete this task in a few hours.

We'll provide source code and be able to answer questions and doubts. Also provide Web Services (they are in JSON format but aren't standard)

(for this issue u have to take a value from one web service and create the publish form getting labels, radio buttons and select list -- with his values --from other web service)

We are testing new developers for complete projects, this is a great opportunity to find a new partner.