Android Troubleshooting Expert


Job Description


We have an Android application that is 100% developed, but is experiencing a number of bugs in certain use cases or on certain devices. I myself am not even able to replicate some of these bugs on my own device yet there are apparent issues with some cases.

The core of this app is audio and video recording, uploading, and playback. Recordings must be fully compatible with Facebook, twitter, and on both iPhone and android devices.

I am in need of someone who is an EXPERT at troubleshooting bugs that are not obvious. I can tell you what the bugs are as reported by our users, but may not be able to help you in reproducing them. You may need a wide range of devices to test on in order to repeat these bugs.

If you feel that you are capable of handling this job please apply.

To ensure you are serious about this position it is required to answer the following:
What is your preferred method of troubleshooting?

FBombMedia LLC

Skills: troubleshooting, video, facebook, twitter, test, android-development, android-sdk

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