Android app - Minor changes

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.
Fixed Price
Deliver by - April 22, 2013


I need a coder to:
*Change the names of the apps
* Change the product ID and in-app ID (there is one in-app)
* Put in AirPush ads including SmartWall at open and close, icon ads and push ads
* Fix the position of the bottom button on the “othergreatapps” page
* Change the background to BackgroundNEW.png which is in the res folder. You will see that this new background has less options, so this means ---> (go to 2.)
* On the first screen where the options appear, remove the options “Men/Women/Both” but make it always ONLY LOAD THE WOMEN SET by default.
* Replace the instructions with the file “Instruction.html” which is in the folder.
* Adjust the app so that it works with the correct number of images that are in the FF (there are 17 images) , SF (there are 18 images), TF (there are 15 images) and UF (there are 17 images) categories (see Res > drawable-mdpi)