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Android app + game developer


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Before you read the job description, consider this a warning, any template kind of job applications such as, Dear sir, kind hiring manager we have reviewed this this this, any such applications ... I will reject. Be too the point, and give me all I ask for, anything more or less, will be rejected.

I am looking for someone who is really good at creating games in android tablets and this will be targeted towards samsung galaxy tablet users.

This app is for kids and needs to teach them how to share, understand emotion and request for different things they need. This app is for kids with special needs and with autism.

Please find attached a document describing the exact app I need.

I need you to design and develop this app and if we do manage to do well in this project, I will continue to give you more projects that I have.

I need this at the latest by May 3rd so do not apply, if you can not do it. I want an update every 2 days and when I say I need it by May 3rd means it should be functional and finish testing and everything, not that we start testing on the 3rd, it needs to be ready by then.

I want a candidate who:
- can communicate well and clearly in english
- obeys deadlines strictly
- is good at designing world class apps and understands the android app guidelines
- is an android game and app development whizz
- understands android development inside out to make use of image manipulation, using cameras, video, microphone, animations etc
- Shows me a 4-5 links of your best android apps, if you have lesser than this, its fine, show them to me.
- Hard worker, fun person, dedicated and honest
- Creative, thinks outside the box and someone who has good ideas and is brave enough to tell me what is good and what is bad and not only listen to me all the time

Looking forward to your applications.

Thank You.

Skills: android-sdk, android-development, english, design, games

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