Android/iPhone App Developer

Android/iPhone App Developer


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for an Android expert to develop a mobile & tablet app. Below are general details about the project and a detailed spec, including visuals, will be provided to the chosen developer.

This project involves the development of an Android app for a nightclub suppose you are in a club, on the floor & u just use the app to find the dj on & send a request, the DJ gets it & replies if he can play your song or not
it will have nightclub advertising on it.

dj can set up a profile, photo, where they dj, types of music, times etc - person using app set up there on user profile - dj can have hot keys that say "already played that song" Yes I can play that" etc.

It would have navigation tools so it can find guys in your area. If you are in a club it will show the dj's online

The project development specification includes the following:

1. Project deliverables
2. Technical details & functional requirements
3. Client deliverables and communication
4. Project timeline & delivery deadlines

Contractor requirements

The ideal developer has:

1. Successfully developed Android applications
2. Possesses a very high attention detail and continually offers suggestions for improvements.
3. Passionate about mobile development in general

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:
>Add "Andorid developer" at the top of your application
> Your Android development experience, including examples of past work