Animated Promotional Video

Animated Promotional Video


Job Description

An online retailer of gourmet teas seeks your help in creating a series of 30-second animated videos to communicate the difference between its artisan products and the humdrum products sold in supermarkets. Will supply illustration ideas and voiceover copy (or audio files). Here's an example:

Want more flavor in your tea?
Supermarket teas spend years in warehouses...
and then months on store shelves...
losing much flavor before you take them home.
Our teas, on the other hand, come direct from growers...
with fresh flavor found in each and every cup.
We use only full leaves, brimming with flavor...
hand-gathered at the peak of freshness.
Teas sold in a supermarket – not so much!
They contain tiny fragments of leaves...
that yield lots of color, but little flavor.
See what you've been missing!
Discover gourmet tea.
Try our samples today!

You'll find us non-beuracratic and easy to work with. Please submit samples of similar work. Looking to begin soon. Thanks in advance!