Animated game Android, Iphone, Facebook

Animated game Android, Iphone, Facebook


Job Description

We are looking for someone who can design and program a game for the Iphone and Android platforms that also integrates into a faceboook game. This game will need to be entertaining and go with a general theme we have in mind. The game will need to be based on the concept of playing for free with limited "lives" and equipment (shields and weapons) and the ability to purchase more lives and equipment either through the platforms payment options or by making purchases on a retail website we already have set up. If you feel confident in your ability to create this app for us please let us know any previous experience you have with examples preferably and a price at which you're willing to do this project. We would like this to be cross platform allowing a user to resume their progress from any device they happen to be on at the time be it a tablet, cell phone, or on a computer through facebook.

There are 3 quotes we would like to receive for this:

1.) A low estimate for a basic game with a maximum budget of around $3,000

2.) A medium estimate for a game that is cross platform but not as intricate as it could be. with a max budget of $10,000

3.) A High range estimate for a game that is very intricate, cross platform and all around amazing. We would like to keep this budget around $20,000 but if your company feels this is not adequate please let us know what you feel would be a more adequate estimate.

This will be a main stream game that will be published nationwide and involves several celebrities. Please show us previous works that support your abilities to create this game as well as the ability to continue development to improve and expand the game.

Thank you!

Skills: facebook, android-development, iphone-development, design