Animation Blogger

Animation Blogger


Job Description

Hi, I am an animator who has worked on Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Ironman & more.

I am starting up my online classes. I need an animator (or animation nerd) with excellent English skills to help me catalog all the animation blogs out there, participate in those communities, and help me recommend great content to other animators.

You MUST be a big geek and LOVE animation, visual effects, games and movies.

To apply, just write a short paragraph telling me why:
A) You are a big time animation fan!
B) You will help readers out and give massive value!
C) I'd be silly not to hire you for my team!
D) Explain to me what squash and stretch is.

If you don't discuss all those things then I won't be able to interview you.

If you do write upon all those things, and I like what I read, then we'll chat via Skype to see if you're the right person for this job.

Best of luck!