Answer to 2 simple question

Answer to 2 simple question


Job Description

I require the ideal candidate to answer the following questions within the word limits specified. You are requested to provide a simple idea or concept behind your answers in the cover letter, so that it is easier for me to hire you. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!

Question1: If you could talk to any political, business, or academic figure in your first choice panel topic, who would it be, what would be the topic of discussion, and why? Please be specific in your response. (Approximately 200 words)

Question2: What aspects of this panel topic specifically interest you and why? Please elaborate on any relevant academic, work, and/or personal experiences that testify to your ability to contribute substantively to the panel. If accepted, you will only be able to attend this panel for morning panel sessions. (Approximately 500 words)

Panel topic is Entrepreneurship: "Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century"
The 21st century has dramatically altered the world's definition of entrepreneurship-for our traditional dictionary definition of entrepreneurship, "one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise," no longer suffices to describe our modern notion of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship panel will consequently address three key developments in modern entrepreneurship: the cultural differences associated with entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship ideation, and social entrepreneurship. The aims of the Implications of Cultural Differences on Entrepreneurship sub-panel discusses the diverging cultural perceptions of entrepreneurship between the East and the West, as well as traces the factors that contribute to these incongruities. The ReDefining Social Entrepreneurship sub-panel seeks to delve further on the subject of social entrepreneurship and study how to create a generation of smart entrepreneurs and consumers committed towards promoting social well-being by means of responsible business practices. Finally, the last sub-panel is the Entrepreneurship Incubator, a highly interactive series of workshops that will engage HPAIR delegates to generate and conceptualize ideas into a revolutionary start-up or product.

Skills: english