App Developer required - possible long term engagement

App Developer required - possible long term engagement


Job Description

We are looking for an mobile app expert to develop a 7 page mobile app that executes a relatively simple set of commands. Below are general details about the project and a detailed spec, including visuals, will be provided to the shortlist.

This project involves the development of an app that takes 3D printing out of the hackerspace and into the mainstream. The basic idea of Make Anything is to allow users to upload photos/videos of any object, and get a physical copy or customised version in return. It will be launced as

Given the simplicity of the app, we expect development to take less than 100-150 hours for both iOS and Android via a multi platform development engine such as TTitanium or the like, including testing. Again: We want this developed for iOS and Android; doesn't have to be native. There will be no, or very limited server interaction. Designs are ready, development can start as soon as contractor is chosen.

Make this a quick win for your team. It's a high potential app with significant interest already generated. Of course you will have developed apps before to be a successful applicant. Please post any questions you have.

PS: For those who previously applied - we've restarted the search as the delay in designs took too long and some of the specs have changed. Clean slate.

Skills: android-development, mobile-application-development

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