App for iphone- Search an IMAGE via the internet


Job Description

AIM: To Search the Internet via an IMAGE.

EG: If i find an image of a Product, i will upload it on this App, and the app should search the internet and identify where this image is located,and the app should return the websites the product is on.

Another example: If i upload a photo of a friend, it should show me all the links on where the photo is located *or anything related to that photo, and send back the websites eg: facebook, blog, twitter, etc.

This should be very accurate, and should return back true information and links. This is very similar to google search engine, but the differents is, instead of searching up a product by name, we are searching a product by image.

If you can do this, please BID.

This app should be usefull for Apple phones *iphone 4, 4s, 5 etc, galaxy S , S2 , etc and other smart phones.

This is an example of what the app should do.

or search

Google has something similar to the requirements i needed, but in an app version