App layout designer

App layout designer


Job Description

Your job is to design the layout of a very simple app that has 5 screens. Must work today and hand in no later than tomorrow or the day after...

here i present a summary.

1. Main menu : Exact like this (see attachment)...

2. facebook: you only need to design back arrow and the header (the back arrow should match the blue header bar -as image attached - facebook. - in spanish should say (Atrás)

3. b. Herramientas IDP : (is where it states libro azul), basically it opens a submenu - where user will find several ebooks . here we need to design the background for the app design (here is a sample of other ebooks..but it does not match the style ..but is like a bookshelf )

-first user will see images like this: (without the footer)…please make the layout...

-if he press one of the images, it would display the big image with its description and title, and if he pass finger, will continue watching images in big pictures...this is another example
-images will be displayed and in the background must have a shadow or a frame like in this layout

d. videos (will be a list of videos that users can see), like this:
they click and the video pop ups and watches it.

e. sumbit a message (send us a message or suggestion)

thats it!

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