Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Project Changes


Job Description

We have had created an iPhone app using Appcelerator Titanium. This app allows app users to ask "Dr B" questions. Dr B answers thru a custom backend admin and the messages are sent back to the app user on their phone/device. The app can be seen here -

We have the original Appcelerator Titanium source code.

Changes required:

- Cross compile application to Android and other platforms - Besides Android, what are our other options?

- Add a notice - After the app user submits a question, the following message needs to appear: "Please allow Dr. Gowey 24-48 hours to respond to your question, thank you. She will answer your question as soon as she is able, we appreciate your patience."

- Add a "product" to the app - Dr B has a website that sells various products. Somewhere on the app we need to show the featured and/or showcase products. The in-house programmers who manage the shopping cart will provide a custom feed of the products.

- Add a public option - Add a checkbox (or something similar), to the question screen asking if they would allow their question to be made public. This is the text that should be used: "Are you willing to share your question with others? Your question and Dr. Gowey's answer may help someone else in need of assistance. By checking this box, you allow your question/answer to be shared on Dr. Gowey's website and Facebook page. You can opt NOT to share the question/answer by checking here." The in-house programmers will add the public option to the backend admin. The mobile app contractor will be need to add it to the server request.

We are in the preliminary stages of getting this project off the ground. What we are looking for is a quote to accomplish these four tasks listed above.

To apply: These items need to be in your application -

- A hours/price estimate to accomplish each of the four tasks above.
- Estimate timeline to compete each of the four tasks above.
- Other mobile app developed (preference given to apps developed with Appcelerator Titanium).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Skills: mobile-application-development