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Apple Quizz App


Job Description

Hello Everybody,

please create an apple app quizz app, where the user will be presented with quotes from movies and has to guess, which movie it is from.

There will be 3 catgeories of quotes easy, medium and hard. Easy score= 25, medium= 50, hard =100

I will provide 3 excel files (easy/medium/hard) with 100 quotes each + right answer and 3 wrong answers.

There will be to game modes "Newbie" and "Hardcore- Fan". In first mode user will be presented with 4 possible answers (1right/ 3 wrong). In latter the user has to type in the right answer.

In every round in both modes there will be 5 quotes from easy/medium/hard.
Start Screen:

- Newbie
- Hardcore Fans
More Apps - (Playhaven SDK)
Remove Ads 4 Free (Tapjoy SDK)
Share Buttons (FB/ Twitter/ E-mail)

Banner Ad at bottom (Adwhirl SDK)
Fullpage Ad at start of the app and after every 5 quotes - Remove Ad button below

At end of game show score and share buttons.

At every question show share quote - button, which would share the quote on Facebook or e-mail.

***IMPORTANT: start your application with "quizz app" to prove you have read the whole description.

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