Appointment Setters Needed for Immediate Hiring!

Appointment Setters Needed for Immediate Hiring!


Job Description

We are looking for Appointment Setters for Immediate Hiring. We need someone who has good communication skills and good accent to contact the applicants for a job for an established Corporate US Financial Company.

Someone who is mature, professional and has strong communication skills are a must! We need someone to be available from Monday to Friday, business office hours LA Pacific time zone.

We are results oriented but very considerate with our contractors. We provide everything the contractor needs in order to get things done. We have the best management team to support our Appointment Setters to be effective and successful in what they do.

To apply, please be sure you meet the basic necessary requirements:

1. Pleasant telephone voice, able to speak English clearly, fluently, and without a strong accent.

2.Fast internet connection; only wired DSL connection with at least 2MBPS (no wireless/wifi please)

3. Must have a functional headset with microphone.

4. Should be familiar with Goto Meeting - this is the application we used for Interview and Company meetings. ( Must have a Skype ID too - this is where we communicate.

5.We only need Contractors that can work full-time LOS ANGELES Pacific Time- between 8:30am to 6:00 pm- business hours ONLY

6. Ability to Follow Directions and show up to all our training and conference call everyday at 8:30 am .

7. Candidate must be:

Team player
Result Oriented
Leadership skills
Open Communication

** most important one " A Great Attitude"** .

Very important, please send me your voice recording using our script attached here for faster process of your application. This is for an immediate hiring!

We are looking to find a long term contractor . Lastly, please reply with this job description mentioning your favorite color as your first word.

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