Job Description

Dear Arabic contractors,
We are looking for an outdoor marketer to do the following;
Call one of the cars, clothes , food or real state offices, showrooms or stores to take their approval in order to video record their products/ items and to give a simple and comprehensive description about the products/items. No need to appear in video just either your voice or the store worker/owner voice.
Please go to, from the top click video ads and check out the video ads for your reference.
When go to one of the above mentioned or call them you should mention that you will do these videos and place them for free on our website. And e3lankom is number 1 classified ads website in the middle east.

If you call a wedding dresses store and took their approval to take video for their dresses then you can record each dress in a seperate video giving some details about it and mentioning the location, phone number for the store.
By this you can make many records.
We pay for each 100 videos between 20-100$ depending on the quality, for very high quality and performance we pay more.

Easy job just need to make calls-take approval - go to the approved place and make the vodeo record.

A verification process for these places you will go to will be made from our side to avoid scam or fraud. So all places should be real with real info.

Let us know if interested.

Many thanks

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