Are you interested in Web Research? Earn $112.50 Every Week by finding 500 Leads!!!

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Job Description

EARN $500 (INCLUDING ODESK FEES) IN 4 WEEKS [($112.50 + $12.50) x 4 = $500]

We need Web Researchers to build lists of new potential customers (Leads / Contacts) belonging to specific segments/departments in selected companies.

An extensive training document on how to find leads using Internet searches is accessible via the following link:

You will populate an Excel spreadsheet with the leads that you find doing research as per prescribed procedure. While generic company data are available in the spreadsheet, you'll find specific people and their contact details in the prescribed format in blank columns. Examples have been provided by us in the attached Excel file that has all the relevant details as per the above training doc.

You must be able to determine the difference in functions within companies, based on the job title. For example, based on the following job titles on the left, you need to determine that the person occupying that position belong to the functions on the right:

Director of R&D -- R&D function
Chief Technology Officer -- R&D function
General Counsel -- Legal function

And then, you are to find leads belonging to only selective functions relevant to our purpose (explained clearly in the training document). We'll provide the actual list of companies at the time of assigning the job.

We'll pay a maximum $125.00 per 500 leads, inclusive of oDesk Fees, subject to the data generated being error-free and according to our requirements, as explained. You have to commit a minimum number of leads that you can generate per day (or per week). Depending upon success in terms of quality and quantity against the first assignment, we may consider long term arrangement. Initially we may enter into a contract for $500 covering a quantity of 2,000 leads that must be generated within a maximum period of 2 months, but preferably within 5 weeks.

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