Article About Fiverr

Article About Fiverr


Job Description


I am looking for an excellent writer who can create a document explaining how someone can make money by selling gigs on Fiverr.

This will be aimed and given to aspiring actors and actresses, as a way for them to make money between acting jobs.

Your document must be perfectly written with brilliant English. It must have images included (just a few screenshots of Fiverr). Instructions of how to sign up and set up a gig should also be included.

In the document you must write how its perfect for actors and actresses as they can use there acting skills to sell video testimonials or similar as a gig. Show a few examples of people who sell these video gigs and again use screenshots.

Be funny, have fun and show how people on Fiverr have fun, yet sell lots of gigs especially funny ones, like dressing up in funny costumes and singing happy birthday to people!

If you look around on Fiverr you will see gigs like this and a screenshot showing how many orders they have had will provide great proof to our acting readers.

Can you do this? If so reply with the codeword: ROSIE

The article should be around 2000 words in length and sent over in a word document. This way I can edit it and turn into a pdf with ease.

Thanks and dont forget the codeword!

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