Article: Benefits of advertising your business during radio traffic reports

Article: Benefits of advertising your business during radio traffic reports


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Would like an article written detailing the benefits of advertising your business/service/event during the traffic reports on radio. Using a credible traffic reporter to read your message "live" on radio after the traffic report.

Below is a track to run on with what I have put together but I'd like someone to extend on what I have written even more. Also, if there are advantages of using other mediums together with traffic radio (such as outdoor or out-of-home) then include that in there somehow. Would be good to have some research references that show that there are real advantage of using traffic radio and using short-run ads (10 to 15 seconds).

Would be good to have this as relevant to Australia as possible, however, if not possible, just any research that has been done on advantages of 10-15 seconds radio ads placed in programming during the traffic reports.

What I have so far...

As marketers our goal is to capture the attention of consumers. We strive to speak to or interact with them on their terms… not on ours because we understand that they, the consumers, are in control of media. They choose what they do or don’t tune in to. What they watch or don’t watch and as marketers we are faced with the task of being able to DEMAND THEIR ATTENTION! Get them to tune in and listen up. To be impacted!

Somewhere between 254 and 5,000 is a number that represents how many commercial messages an average consumer gets each day – as quoted in the Advertising Age – 2007…and that was before the social media explosion! So can you imagine what that number would be now?

This issue is, in our attempt to grab more consumers attention, we are creating more ad clutter! Media is being spawned all the time. I mean literally, by the time you finish reading this blog, there'll be a new media platform created! All in an attempt to gain great consumer attention!

Cut-through. As marketers we need to cut-through the clutter.

It’s time to break out of old habits! Sure, you can attempt to create more value that will earn the attention of your target audience – but, that’s what everyone else is probably doing which is adding only more to the clutter! They’re all jumping up and down yelling “Look at me, look at me” in the attempt of out-jumping or out-shouting their competitors.

The thing is… advertising can no longer be about preaching! It is more about reaching!

Interacting with consumers on a personal level at a time they WANT to listen! Remember, they’re in control.

Rather than strategising the best way to capture their attention, you need to find an environment where the consumer is already listening. Is already attentive. And place your message there.

Does such a place exist?

Indeed it does, with Traffic Radio.

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