Article Writer on my WordPress blogs

Article Writer on my WordPress blogs


Job Description

We are couple of people to write our articles based on tags we will provide

you will get 1.2$/h for this job
or $8 per 10 articles

+ bonuses based on performance which can be a lot more then your payment and you will see that the hourly payment is only a small part of it :). One article should be (250-300 words max each). You must be able to work at least 2-4h per day to start during the 9am - 11pm GMT+3 time zone. Please make sure you can work these hours and that you are capable of meeting deadlines before you read any further. You will be able to select your own working hours as soon as I can see that you are the right person for the job and you are meeting deadlines.

We are company that is working in traffic generation using different means, starting from advertising, SEO and many other.

We are looking for at least 2 candidates who could do the following tasks:

- Speaks, Reads, and Writes good English.
- can use Skype for communication (must have a headset and speakers) !!!
- (Re)Write Articles (one article should not take more then 20 min) - it could be either semi-automatic or manually
- Write articles based on the keywords I will give and based on a forum thread, like a summary of the information there
- can search for new articles subjects
- basic skills of creating a new account on different sites
- keep up to date all of the details related to work and performance
- a minimum of 6-8 articles/posts per day is required
- most of the articles will be related to Forex for beginning, then we will extend, but if you know how to learn fast that should not be a issue :)
- research for information based on the keywords provided
- Talented and hard working person
- Can work completely from home without distractions and have a high-speed Internet connection
- Understands that the success of the company is direct proportionally with his success
- love his job
- Is willing to learn new things. Can easily be trained in other skills.
- Attention to detail - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

If you know the following, it will be an advantage - otherwise you will have to learn it - but is quite simple:

- post an article into a WordPress.COM blog-site or other similar sites with the right tags
- write an article based on the summary and keywords available
- Forex knowledge is a plus

If necessary we will provide you the right tips and advice how to perform you job faster.

If you are interested please apply to this job and answer the following

1. What is your experience in article writing based on keywords
2. some previous work done in WP posts ?

Please apply only if you will be able to complete this task and write articles
there will be other jobs if you are doing good in here

Waiting for your applications
Good Luck

Skills: research

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