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We are a Top 10% Employer here in Odesk who have spent more than $14,000 here.

We are looking for TWO (2) honest, hard working individual for consistent steady work for at least 1 month. The work involves writing articles (500-550 words) that are search engine optimized.

The keywords for the articles will be provided to you, and you will be required to produce articles using those provided keywords. The price that is listed below is what will be paid per article. You will be provided with 1 keyword at first, and asked to submit an article that is based on that keyword. Once your article has been approved by me, you will be able to get batches of 2 keywords/articles to complete at a time and will be paid once the articles have been received. I am more than willing to provide you with consistent work for at least 1 month if you are producing great articles that meet the below criteria.

The base price will be $2.75 per article.

The articles must comply with the following requirements:

a)A creative title that includes the keyword that was provided and is at least 4 words long
b)Between 500 and 550 words (going over or under by a little is fine). Word count must not fall below 500 words
c) The articles must pass CopyScape or which means the article must not be plagiarized.
d)The exact Keyword must be mentioned once in the Title
e)The exact Keyword must be mentioned 3 or 4 times in the body of the article.
f)No grammar or punctuation errors
g)At least a few instances where synonyms to the keyword are mentioned.

Those are the requirements of the articles that you will be writing once you will get accepted.

To help us assess your writing skills, please submit a cover letter and be sure to mention the word ALOHA in your application to ensure that you have read the details of this Posting. As a further test of your writing ability please submit One ORIGINAL(1) short paragraph (100-150 words) Targeted for the Keyword: "annuity rates". If you believe that you are suited for this position, feel free to contact me ASAP.

Please take note that we have writers in our team who have been with our company for more than 6 months already and who have already received several hundred dollars from our company. So please look at this as a potential long-term writing assignment.

Please tell me what you bid for the writing of 100 articles with each article averaging 500-550 words.

Skills: writing, producer, grammar, test

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