Artificial Intelligence "AI" SEO


Job Description

I have seen these sites out there and want to accomplish the same thing.
Artificial Intelligence SEO offers our revolutionary AI SEO software to do the job of hundreds of SEO professionals at a fraction of the cost allowing us to make changes and improve results instantly hundreds of times a day producing results in just weeks.
Artificial Intelligence Search Engine Optimization uses many of the same principles that traditional search engine optimization companies have built the industry on.
"AI" SEO does one thing and one thing alone:
It brings visitors to your website, phone number, address, picture, video or any other target you wish.
Artificial intelligence SEO specializes in making your website or target more popular with search engines such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING and pretty much all others.
And yes you don’t even need a website to accomplish massive popularity on the net.
AI SEO won’t charge it’s clients a dime until they’re satisfied with the results. We deliver results before we take any payment.
Different from static SEO, AI SEO is dynamic, it adapts to the
Goals of the business owner,
Business type and unique characteristics,
Keywords provided by the site owner,
Most successful keywords,
Keywords that people are looking for,
Market conditions,
Search engines,
Geographical areas where the client or prospect is visiting from,
Business model and theme of the website,
Topics that the clients are looking for,
Speed of the lines,
Business trends,
Market trends,
New conditions that the AI learns,
Business geolocation, optimized to respond within the town, 15 miles, and/or the closest.
The reaction times to these changes are instantaneous; it carries on intelligent conversations and dialogs with all the parties, the site owner, the client’s requests, the search engines.
It deeply analyses all and each parameter, processes them based on the guidelines that the business owner has ordered and tries to close a sale, when it cannot reach a happy conclusion, it notifies the webmaster of each event, all this at the speed of light.
It is a well-trained sales artificial person who will take good care of all and every client that shows at your business window, your website.
This technology is so efficient that we can assure thousands of hits a day for your website or your money back!
If you have used pay per click technology, you know it can be very expensive. With this AI system you only pay $20 per month for unlimited clicks. It includes maintenance and hosting. This fee never goes up, for as long as you keep the service, forever!
Additional Features
Can be updated via text from any phone. These updates can show in the first page if you want.
Can be updated by email without accessing the website. These updates can show in the first page if you want.
Can have a blog with open or closed discussions.
Your visitors can post comments or discuss any page or posting at the bottom of the screen. Or not, your choice.
I need to know with Google changes if this process can this still be done.
I have no coding experience and will need to see that you have the ability!!!!
I will need to see examples and not just talk.
Canned answers on this posting will be ignored. Read and respond then i know you are real. Thanks

Skills: yahoo