AspDotNetStorefront Engraving / Text Input

AspDotNetStorefront Engraving / Text Input


Job Description

AspDotNetStorefront Multistore

Condition 1

Need a solution developed for AspDotNetStorefront that will allow a product to have the text customization field enabled on a product to allow for consumer text entry (used for engraving) but as an option, not a mandatory field (store default) so that it does not prevent the adding the product to cart if the user does not enter text.

Condition 2

If the text field is used then the product price needs to be changed to have an additional charge added ($15) to the base price. However if the text field is not used the normal base price should remain the same and the customer should be able to add the normal base product to cart.

Condition 3

The base price for engraving should be a variable that is store wide and set via the web.config or an application variable so that it is not hard coded in to the product code behinds etc and could be changed in the future as required.

Terms of Project Scope:

Please provide a product total cost and delivery time frame for this request to be considered as a contractor.

Please provide a list of the files that will need to be updated both on the store or store admin to implement your approach so a risk assessment can be determined by our staff regarding installing your solution on our product server.