Assistance with s2member and PayPal Payflow Pro


Job Description

I have a site in s2member using PayFlow Pro from PayPal as the payment gateway. See

I need the following:

Get the payment gateway to accept PayPal payments on a recurring schedule. Meaning, allow people to sign up for an account using PayPal as their preferred payment method, so they can sign up for recurring monthly or yearly payments. Currently, this works perfectly for any credit card, but when you select PayPal as the payment method, we see error 36 and others.

This is a membership site, so we have Members Only sections of the site. If somebody tries to get access to one of those pages, right now they see a 404 page. I want them to be redirected to the "Pricing page" or as s2member refers to it, the "Membership Options" page.

These are my main two objectives.

Skills: paypal