Assistant Needed Now

Assistant Needed Now


Job Description

Assistant needed now to help organize operations and delegate tasks to Employees. We own 2 companies and need an EFFICIENT, ORGANIZED, DETAIL ORIENTED Assistant. The types pf processes that need streamlining are in the realm of graphic design, web design, web development, seo, sem, content writing, customer service, and data entry. Ideally, you will be familiar with these types of processes and be able to lead by example.

Here are the responsibilities.

1. Distribute workload objectives to each team member
2. Conduct daily check in with each team member—Simple, Hi, How are you, or Hi, How is everything going is a sufficient opener with specific follow up questions to follow regarding open and ongoing assignments
3. Distribution of reporting spreadsheets for those employees required to fill out reports
4. Setting schedule expectations with each team member
5. Collecting all reports back and sending to me for review
6. Holding employees accountable for performance and production standards
7. Weekly one on one performance review meeting with each team member
8. Recruiting, hiring, and firing contractors as needed
9. Helping to develop hr manuals and documentation for each department.
10. Managing projects and tasks as outlined in objectives document.
11. Collecting unanswerable questions from all team members and putting into one clear concise word doc for review during our daily review meeting.
12. Eventually, once everything is organized and humming along, we willcreate a better system for accounting.

Skills: design