Assistant in tracking & classifying expenses

Assistant in tracking & classifying expenses


Job Description

This is classified as a personal assistant ad because I'm looking for someone to help me track and properly classify all the expenses I do throughout the year. Some of these expenses are due to travel, so I'd like the candidate to be able to help me with my travel plans as well as tracking all the expenses, ensuring that we classify all expenses properly and in compliance with tax laws (for instance, tracking who my meetings were with, etc.). Some of the expenses will be personal, and some will need to be turned into the company I work for.

To help me sort through the applicants, start your cover letter with: "I'd be the perfect candidate to help you track and classify your expenses because.." and then tell me why you are qualified and able to do this position.

The budget for this position is under $10 an hour, so please bid below that. Also tell me what hours (use CST) you are already at your computer working (not *could be* for me). This position really won't require more than maybe 2-3 hours a week as it stands, but if you are a good VA and want more hours I can give you other related projects as well.

Looking forward to working with you!