Assistant to Keep Wordpress Sites up to Date - (Max $1.00/hour)

Assistant to Keep Wordpress Sites up to Date - (Max $1.00/hour)


Job Description


We are looking for someone to keep our Wallpaper Wordpress sites up to date. Now, we do not have a very large budget so the person we hire must be able to do this at $1.00 per hour, if you can't do it at that rate, you need not apply.

Our sites run on Wordpress and you will be using the "Image Grabber" plugin. You will go in and setup the sites to post around 15 images a day.

You will be responsible for getting the image via the Plugin and Creating Unique Titles and scheduling them out over the next X amount of days. Take a look at the following example video to see how the plugin works:

You must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible:

1 - Must have Skype installed
2 - Must work during United States Business Hours
3 - Must work for $1.00/hour (Overseas is required)

If you are interested please write the following statement at the top of your application so we can see who actually follows directions, if you don't include this statement your application will not even be opened:

"I am ready to work for Lindsey Interactive at a rate of $1.00/hour for the Wordpress Updating Gig here at".

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