Avangel's Battle (Mobile Game Development)

Avangel's Battle (Mobile Game Development)


Job Description

NO UPFRONT we will be paying on a milestone basis

"Avengel's Battle".

Client: Chaz Stewart

Here's the description of the app:

Avangel's Battle is a fighting game with Bug Monster (that possess Earth Element Power), Dragon Monster (possess Wind Element Power) and Humanoid Monster (that possess the Fire Element Power). It involves a bracket style tournaments as well as one on one fights. Players can choose different color of the monsters and they can fight the computer, random person or fight a friend. It is a offline and online game so they can compete online with friends and play with the computer if offline.

Each match participant will wager one of three things. Experience points, Personal points ( which I will explain), and equipment/armor. The winner will then take all. There will also be tournaments with a set minimum participants for each tournament. There will be an entry fee for each tournament of 4 actual dollars charged to a persons credit card, or 500 personal points. A persons card will not be charged unless the minimal is met. The winner of the tournament will win 20% of all the personal points accumulated in the tournament.

When people are not fighting their monsters they can have them rest after complete of full tournament, unless they had already loss within the tournament. Resting the monster takes a total of 24hrs if all life energy is depleted, 12hrs if half is depleted and 3hrs if less than half, but there is fruit that can be grown, bought, or win food that can be used for to instantly heal a monster. Also when not fighting, a users monster already includes land that is limited to two monsters. What comes free in the game is, 50pp, the first monster, and a resting area that has space for two monsters.

What are personal points or pp? pp's are points used as money in the game. to buy food equipment, and whatever else is purchasable by actual money. 5pp = $1 People can turn in their points for actual money so they must have a bank account on hand. Minimal pay out is $100. Cannot purchase pp, they can only be won during fights and tournaments.

Upon reaching Lv 25 each monster will transform into more powerful look monster but the special attacks are the same it is just the appearance and the power of attack that will make the difference.

Bug Monster will have his horn grown bigger as well as body features. Dragon Monster will grown much bigger and the wings will be more wider. The Humanoid Monster will be bigger also but will play with adding some colors.

Power levels example, from 1 - 25 starting from five they will increase by 21 pts, from 25 - 59 they will increase by 31 and from 59 - 99 they will increase by 41pts.
Max Lv is 99
-Life 1000, starts @ 10
-Attack 599, starts @ 5
-Speed 599, starts @ 5
-Defense 599, starts @ 5

Every time a monster levels up, it will take an extra 250 to level up. Example is Lv. 1, 250ep to go to level 2 and 500ep to go to level 3...

Stats should be view-able on facebook, and players can name their monsters.